• To the comrades of the KKE, to the Parties that are members of the Communist European Initiative

    The past 2nd of May the PCPE has received a communication, by e-mail, from the International Department of the KKE, taking over the authority of the Secretariat of the ICE, that communicates to our International Secretariat that to the activity of the next days 6th and 7th of May two PCPE delegations will be attending.  

    As a first position, just to make things clear, remark that under no circumstances the PCPE accepts such a manipulation, which is an unacceptable attack over the sovereignty of our Party and an interference in our internal issues. The PCPE rejects this blackmail and manipulative action.

    The KKE has no right to decide issues relating to an ICE member who, in addition to this case, is a member of the Secretariat. It would be appropriate, in relationships of camaraderie and respect, to present any political debate that the comrades of the KKE have an interest to put over the table. But there is no space for impositions, and even less for the manipulation in correlation to a fraction, on which we have punctually informed to the brother Parties. It seems that the KKE, without even making a minimum consult to our CC, did not require a week to give a letter of  legitimacy to the members of the fraction.

    The KKE shouldn’t repeat the previous mistakes of the MCI that if in that time had the authority of a great Party in the power, the CPSU, today it doesn’t have a similar situation with authority and legitimacy to play the role of leader of the international revolutionary movement that it was in the past.

    It is the ICE Secretariat and ultimately it’s Plenary who should discuss and, in his case, make decisions that affect to the member Parties. The revolutionary tradition has always had in the clear debate, the respect for the sovereignty of each Party, and  the exchange of ideas the most successful way to solve the issues that the political fight has faced us. In this case none of this has been taken into account by the KKE and has chosen to promote and legitimize a servile fraction for their interests.